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The moon is nigh

In the name of Satan, all men will be slain
Our years of training will not be in vain
The wild dreams of the coming night
Have filled all the townsmen with fright
The dark moon is finally here
Monsters rise and empires fall
And zombies rise to Necromancers' call
The end of your lifetime is surprisingly near
A new day has begun
but it's too late
The battle was short, the victims great
Its deeds can not be undone.
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Devian Stories 3: Deva: Angel and City
Deva: Angel and City
Over a thousand years ago, generations back, humankind lived on the Earth. With monsters roaming everywhere, they packed together in small cities and villages, protected by walls, but one by one these villages fell to the mighty monster hordes. Every single person, from man to child, prayed for mercy and a savior to guide them out of this living Hell. And when they stood at the brink of extinction, a shining light came from the skies. Deva, the most pure and holy Archangel, had came to Earth to save humanity. She gathered the survivors and brought them to a tower in the middle of the forest. When they arrived at the top of the tower, the tower had become a city. But it was far from any city they had ever seen. It was entirely made out of stone. Not a single tree was seen, no other living being was up here at all. The only non-stone things were the torches that burned beautifully, and the soft wool carpets that laid in several buildings. Everything already designed
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Devian Stories 2: Banduuls Journal
Banduuls Journal, Part I
August 1st, 665 of the 2nd M
They thought banishing me to Earth would stop me, they thought I would get killed down here. Hah! If I had known these “monsters” were so weak earlier, I would’ve come here years ago! I can finally do what I want, without being watched by the other wizards. I have made a house inside an enormous mushroom, and create potions and elixirs in my cellar.
August 4th, 665 of the 2nd M
I’ve created a wide arrange of potions by now. Varying from healing to invisibility to poison, I keep discovering new recipes. I’ve also found a strange creature in the woods yesterday. It looks like a pink cow, but it is smaller and makes weird noises. It isn’t hostile so I could easily take it to my home. It tastes delicious when cooked right. I eat like a king here, feasting on meat and mushroom stew instead of fruit, bread and water I used to eat in Deva.
August 11th, 665 of the 2nd M
I’ve set up a few paths throu
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Devian Stories 1: The Crown
The Crown
“Yes, sweety?”
“The whole church is covered with weird symbols. What do they mean?”
“The Crown you mean? Well, it’s the most important symbol in the Devian Religion.”
“You know Deva created this city so humanity was protected from the Earth, right?”
“Yes Father, I have been teached that my whole life!”
“Well, to thank Deva for the beautiful city, the people created a church, and even a whole religion, only for her. The bow stands for Deva, our city, and the small ball below stand for the Earth, where we escaped from.”
“Ah! Father, what is life like on Earth?”
“On Earth? Well… There are beautiful forests, some with trees of a hundred feet high, others so dense you can almost not walk through. There also are lakes and seas and oceans, enormous amounts of water. And you have mountains, said to be almost as high as Deva itself.”
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Jasper Wijnhoven
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
New dex, new book, new RPG Maker VX/ACE game, a lot of new things... And I love them all! ^^


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